Cat Climbing Tree – Sizing and Installation

This cat climbing tree overall size is 21″W x 21″L x 52″H. The base is 19″W x 19″L. It has two cat perch and five scratching post total. The cat scratch is a rope like material and the carpet around the rest of the cat tower feels softer than your typical carpet. I liked this as it motivated them to scratch the rope instead of the softer material.

Installation was fairly straight forward. All the items came pre cut and finished so it was just a matter of screwing each cat post into the slot set up for it on the cat furniture. It may seem a little wobbly at first but once you get everything put together and tightened it should steady up and balance. I put mine in a corner near a window and had no trouble at all.

The great thing is that I wasn’t limited to how it was put together. First I set it up on our enclosed porch but my wife didn’t like the location. When I set up in our front room, the ladder portion was not in the ideal location so I just took out the screw and moved it to the other side. Also, you have the option of not putting in the upper posts without sacrificing stability if height is an issue.