Cat Tower – A Review

My mom used to say that every cat owner has a story. The stuff my crazy cats do could write a novel! If they could breed a cat with a monkey I think it would get close to doing what mine do. After constantly dealing with them running, climbing, and LEAPING off of all my furniture I knew it was time to get them something of their own to conquer. The best cat tree I found was the Go Pet club line of Cat Tree Furniture.

The cat tree has five carpeted posts wound with rope for scratching purposes. There is a cat condo in the middle with two entrances and a set of stairs that can be moved to multiple locations. The top two posts have a perch shelf on top. Attached to each shelf is a hanging toy bird for them to swat at.

I found the best place to locate the cat tower was in a corner near a window. Having two walls to support the furniture helped stabilize it when the cats were both chasing each other around the unit.

The overall size of this furniture is not huge so it may not be a perfect fit for very large cats but it should be suitable for most.

I have been experimenting with various modifications to the furniture. I installed a cat hammock between two of the posts and they seem to love lying in that to look out the window. I also have attached some of their favorite toys to the unit for added enjoyment. They have a toy mouse that looks very realistic. I attached a long string to the mouse and weaved it through the different areas of the furniture. Sitting on the couch, I could pull the string to make the mouse move and the cats would go nuts trying to catch it. LOL

If you are looking for a quality built, versatile, and affordable cat tower, give the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture a shot. Like me, you may have just saved your other furniture from cat abuse!


Click here to see the cat tower.